What Happened To Myspace?

What Happened  to Myspace 05-02-12

Outdated video showing how to embed a Youtube video onto a Myspace profile 2009

Myspace is the best example we have of a massively popular social media site failing to retain it’s early success over a long period. In 2005 it was bought for $580 million by Rupert Murdoch. At that time it was the most popular social media site in America. Since then usage of the site has significantly dropped. Last year saw a 50% decrease in U.S. page views over a two month period. Total unique visitors is now quoted around 37 million, a shadow of the former figure of 110 million unique visitors in 2008. So how did Facebook sink this once intimidating social media giant?

From personal experience, I would have to say Facebook won with innovation. Back in 2006 when I first joined Facebook I was a heavy user of MySpace. Back then I was already running business profiles on MySpace for firms that I worked with. I remember joining Facebook and dismissing it as old technology. You had to be at a University to join back in those days. You could not edit your profile with HTML and CSS as you could on MySpace, and it was harder to find people to add. I didn’t log back in to Facebook for two months after that. Following a second invite to join, I decided to take another look at the site.

Upon finding the star feature of Facebook I was hooked. You could tag people in photos! It might sound trivial now, but back then it was a massive innovation and one I, and many others, where very impressed with. Further investigation found the now famous feature and soon after I found myself spending more time on Facebook than MySpace. Just like me, other early adopters of social media were doing the same. Facebook then kept us engaged by releasing new major developments every six months or so. This is something MySpace never kept up with. Within a year MySpace was looking a little tired and out of date.

Facebook won with innovation. MySpace failed to adapt and so ran out of steam, leaving the space open for a newer, more innovative contender to close the breach. Did you use MySpace? Let us know what you think of the site and comment below.

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