Social Media Surgery for Charities in Manchester

03 - BBC Featured Pic 30-06-12
Building at Media City - BBC

We had the pleasure of attending a social media surgery on the top floor of the building in the photo

A few weeks ago the Lucky 6 Marketing team took a trip to Media City in Manchester, the new home of BBC North West. The nature of this trip was to attend a social media surgery where we’d join experts from the BBC to dispense social media best practice advice to charities.

Working alongside some of big hitters in social media as well as experts from the BBC – at a truly wonderful location – was a fantastic privilege and a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

At Lucky 6 Marketing we manage numerous social media accounts for a diverse client base, ranging from top marketing agencies to local mechanics. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer the same enthusiastic, personalised service with a clear ROI for all our clients, regardless of industry, and the measure of our success is evidenced by satisfied returning clients and an increasing referral rate.

However, this ROI based work ethic is, as we discovered at the event, not relevant to charities adopting social media strategies.

Of the charities we spoke to at the event, we found that none of them wished to make money through social media channels, rather they simply wished to share content that had the power to change lives.

Humbled by this finding it was an absolute pleasure to advise two exceptional charities; the first was part of a local hospital who offered advice to cancer sufferers, their friends and families and the second was a charity raising money for equipment for children’s hospitals.

Neither charity had much experience with Facebook or Twitter, and as such we dedicated a bit of time to running through the basics as well as offering precise instructions on how best to build and maintain a strong community.

Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are amazing tools in aiding communication to a wider audience for both ROI driven businesses and message-driven charitable organisations.

The continued success of for-profit social media campaigns exemplifies the potential for charities, helplines and organisations to make a difference with social media. Social media can and will be an extraordinary tool for noble causes.

We left the event feeling empowered, not just because we had given advice, but because we had come across so many amazing people and charities interested in using social media to make a difference.

In light of this, Lucky 6 Marketing are now delighted to offer free essential social media and marketing advice to charities and not-for-profit organisations who are struggling with the setup and management of their social media accounts.

Forget all the news stories about social media causing riots or the overthrow of governments, instead tune into the quiet undercurrent of positive social media users.

Blue Peter filming at the Media City in Manchester

Just as we arrived for the event and stepped off the tram we were greeted by the sight of a Blue Peter episode being filmed

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